Client Testimonials

I chose Julie to support me late on in my pregnancy. I wanted to stay at home but felt I needed some emotional and practical support at my birth. It was a lot to expect my husband to do himself. From our first chat Julie was so positive and believed in me. I felt really comfortable talking to her about any worries I had. 

It’s hard to describe what a doula does at a birth but now I have experienced it I know I wouldn’t do it again without one. Julie supported me with breathing through contractions, chatted and put me at ease in between and gave me the encouragement I so needed to keep going during a long, exhausting labour. She made sure I was comfortable and was eating and drinking throughout and after. She was supportive to my partner ensuring he rested so he could be present when I needed him most. I would highly recommend Julie. She has a lovely presence about her and she really bolstered up my strength to keep going and get the birth I wanted. Thank you Julie.

Louise Day

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